Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's that time again.


Last year I made the rounds at various Halloween parties, played games, got lots of candy and attention. This year I haven't done any of that. (MOM???)

This year we were planning to go to an 80's costume movie night. We didn't go because I was sick and it was held outside.

We went to our church party and I got a couple of candies, played a few games and did a quick Trunk or Treat (it was FREEZING!).

Then we went to a "Track or Treat" 5k run at Daddy's college and I went as Punky Brewster.

"Who am I, Mommy?"
"Punky Brewster"
"I'm a ROOSTER?"
"No. Punky BREWSTER. She was a little girl on tv a long time ago."

Whatever. I didn't even get to wear make up. I got my face painted with kitty whiskers and then stole  borrowed a little girl's witch's hat. No one knew what I was anyway.

Mommy and Daddy were dressed up like people from NCIS and Mommy let someone take their picture and they only took pictures of Mommy's and Daddy's

Mommy is still not happy.

And then we were supposed to go to some kind of festival, but we didn't go because we were all wiped out from the 5k.

And today is ACTUALLY Halloween and Daddy is at school, Mommy and I will go to work shortly and we may or may not go out later.




Next year? I'm making the plans!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Last week I caught a cold but at first Mommy thought it was allergies. She changed her mind when it didn't go away. This past Wednesday morning I woke up at 4:30 crying because my ear hurt. Daddy drove to the drug store and bought me some Advil. Mommy gave me some and after a bit I went back to sleep. Mommy called the doctor's office and made me an appointment.

We took the taxi (I don't cry or holler in the taxi anymore and I sit in my own seat and buckle nicely). The advil wore off in the waiting room and I cried most of the time we were there, and my cries got louder the longer we waited. I still hate the scale and mommy set me down on the baby scale while I screamed. The nurse took my temperature and freaked me out, then we went to an exam room with monsters on the walls and I wanted to leave but Mommy said we had to wait for the doctor.

When the doctor came in she and Mommy had to talk loudly to hear one another over my crying. My ear hurt so bad!!

The doctor peek in my right ear and made a face and said "Oh yes, this is very bad." Mommy thought to herself, great...she wasn't complaining about THAT ear.

The doctor peeked in my other ear and just made a face and said, "Oh yes, very  bad."

My ears were so bad the doctor said we could try the ten day treatment with antibiotics at home or she could give me a shot, but that my ears were so bad and I was in so much pain that she recommended the shot. Mommy gritted her teeth, held me tight and agreed.

It wasn't til the nurses came in that we were told the shot was SO BIG that they had to split it into two shots (one in each leg) and that we'd have to come back tomorrow for another one (which was actually another two). I screamed my head off. Mommy teared up and said she was sorry.

Thursday we went back and the doctor said my ears looked better and I might not need "the third shot tomorrow".


Thursday I got two shots, one in each butt cheek. I couldn't sit down on the way home.

Friday, hoping for the best, we went back to have my ears checked and the OTHER doctor (apparently my doctor doesn't work Fridays) said she still saw pus behind my ear drum and would feel better if I had another shot (another two) rather than send us home without it and have pus collect and we'd have to start over again in a week or so.


I had two more shots (in the legs a few inches under where they shot me Wednesday) and when mommy was trying to take my pants off and lie me on the table I cried and yelled, "But I love you!" Mommy said "I love you too, baby." and kept going. The receptionist who came in with the nurse (in case she needed help holding me down) said "Oh my god, that's pitiful. I can't look at her now." And while the nurse was giving me the shots the receptionist made faces and looked like she wanted to cry too.

Mommy didn't cry today. But Daddy went with us yesterday and she lost it then....and again at home. She said it's hard to see me hurt and having to hurt me more to make me feel better.

It's Friday night now and I'm doing better. We're at J'Mam-maw's house and I jumped on her bed and played with her toys. Mommy's glad I feel better. Daddy keeps telling Mommy she made the right choice.

I'm even singing about going to the doctor. I guess I'll be ok. I wonder if I'll panic the next time I come when I see poor Nurse Wanda again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hanging With The Mayor

 This weekend I was very busy. On Saturday Mommy wouldn't wake up (sigh) so Daddy took me to visit J'Mam-maw and Aunt Hacie. I played and jumped on their beds and worked their computers for them. Then Daddy took me home to get Mommy and we went ice skating.

With the MAYOR, y'all.

Mayor Tomlinson, me and Mommy


I had stupid skates.

I skated with Mommy cause she's done this before. Daddy took a few pictures and fell down and ran over people.


Then we caught up with Mayor Tomlinson again so Daddy could see Mommy and I really knew her (he was falling down when we were skating with her and missed it). I decided I was too shy so Mommy picked me up, but I wasn't playing along.

The mayor said, "Turn around and we'll get one with Abby." So Mommy turned around and...

...not so much. 

My skates fell off (see that pic up there?) and then fell off twice after Mommy and Daddy put them on again so Mommy got me some REAL skates and they worked too well. I couldn't skate around like I had been. Luckily, Mommy got me a walker.

Then, to prove he was there (actually because he can't skate backwards to take pictures) Daddy gave the camera to Mommy and he helped me with the skates. My feet moved and moved but I didn't get anywhere. It was really frustrating.

So I started crying, and for the next ten minutes all I did was cry "I can't skate! I can't skate!"

And skating was over and I was hungry so Mommy and Daddy said "Let's go to McDonald's."

That was the best thing I'd heard all day. <3

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jumping Into Summer!

Later this month I turn three. It sort of feels like it's been forever since I turned two, and at the same time I can't believe my birthday is almost here. This summer I have awesome silver sandals (thanks, Mommy!), cool outside toys (thanks, Daddy!) and I am about the size of a four year old. When I go places other kids and mommys ask me questions.  I don't answer when they ask my name or how old I am or where I go to school and when I don't answer Mommy jumps in to tell them I'm only two and I don't go to school yet. That's when they look at me again and look confused because I'm the same size as their kids or the same size they are (if they're a kid).

This summer, Mommy knitted me a tank top (it's a little big, but I wear it anyway) which is SO COOL, and when it's hot I let her put my hair in pony tails. I like to play outside. I like to kick my soccer ball. I like to jump in my pool and I really, really like to squirt Mommy with the hose while she's running away and yelling, "IN THE POOL! IN THE POOL!" hahahahahahaha

The other day Mommy let me put water in the pool. I put water on our house, all over our yard, on the neighbor's house and yeah, in the pool. She turned off the water and said "I think we've all had enough." She's a party pooper.

I really like my Daddy. Every time I can't see him I start crying and saying "Daddy all gone!" Sometimes he's at work. Sometimes he's taking a nap. Sometimes he's just going potty. Yesterday when he came home from work I hugged him and said, "I miss you SO MUCH!"

This summer I'm going to get bigger. I hope to make new friends. I hope I learn a lot more things. Right now Mommy is teaching me to paint (we refurbished a table and painted a flowerpot) and this week we're doing paper mache. Turns out I hate touching the goopy stuff, so I hold the masking tape for mommy and she does all the wet newspaper stuff. bleh. Flies also seem to think it's food so Mommy is always waving her goopy hands around to shoo them away and gets paper mache goo all over the place.  Did I tell you she's funny?

I'll post a picture of our sculpture when we're done. For now, here's a picture of our "new" table.

And one of me, just because. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Parents Just Don't Understand

Daddy work. Everyday I wake up and Daddy is gone. He comes home at dinnertime and I see him until I fall asleep. Unless he's on call. Sometimes I see him for a few minutes and then his phone rings. But he goes away to work.

Mommy tries to work at home. She's pretty good at it. She plays with me and feeds me and picks stuff up. She makes sure I have things to do and that I'm busy before she sneaks off to type on her computer.

But sometimes I look up.

I am very quiet. I play this game with Mommy. She calls it "Thirty-Eight Seconds." She told Daddy that basically it's when I see how much destruction I can cause in thirty eight seconds while she's cooking. Or cleaning. Or going potty. Or writing.

What she doesn't know is that I've been practicing. When she's with me and bound and determined not to leave me alone for longer than it takes her to blink her eyes I pay attention to what we're doing. If we're playing blocks I am focused on the blocks. Nothing can distract me. Not tv, not food, not Mommy talking to me, not the phone ringing. Nothing. I am the blocks.

When we're watching tv together I am focused. I do not blink. I sit still for 30 minutes at a time. I can't hear people talk to me. I can't see people walk through the room. I am focused. I am watching tv.

But...after a few days when Mommy has taken note of all the times I'm BUSY and uses those moments to sneak off to potty or do laundry in the other room or sit down to write I use my secret special Ninja moves. Mommy doesn't hear me make a sound.

Thirty-eight seconds later she comes to check on me and seems overly surprised to find me encased in creamer, eating sugar out of the canister or smearing butter all over the living room.

I also discovered (during a less intense moment) that if I bring her something and yell "SURPRISE!" she smiles and kisses me.

If only I remembered to do that after I make a mess.

Maybe she wouldn't holler so loud.